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Arapahoe Park enjoys its 6th season with Pace Pals!
live horse racing colorado

May 25, thru Aug. 18, 2013
(more horse racing Colorado)

Pace Pals is partnering with iHandicapRaces to develop a state of the art horse racing app.

Now you can have your handicapping app system in the palm of your hand. Download iHandicapRaces from the App Store for your iPhone™, iPod touch™ or iPad™. You can use it at the track, OTB or in your favorite chair at home.

There are hundreds of ways to build your handicapping system with iHandicapRaces.
handicapping app

Look to bet on Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs on May 4, 2013 and ride your luck. Pick your lucky horse and you could win BIG at 2013 Kentucky Derby event.

Your source for the latest Grand National odds pick horse racing specials.

Watch for 2012 Breeders Cup handincapping coverage
Starting mid October leading up to the Breeders Cup event Nov. 2 & 3
breeders Cup


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What is Pace Pals?
The Fast and Fun Way to Play the Ponies. Pace Pals is a revolutionary new handicapping system that uses graphic icons to enhance the betting experience for horse raceing enthusiasts of all levels. Learn handicapping for horse racing the fun way.

•  Pace Pals is quick and easy to use.

•  Newcomers can easily base selections on handicapping factors instead of guessing at numbers, colors or names.

Experienced handicappers can narrow their focus quicker and play more races.

• Pace Pals is not a replacement for traditional handicapping. It is a simple and easy way to begin betting at any track, in any language, anywhere in the world.

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Available daily at Betfair Hollywood
hollywood park
Pace Pals at Hollywood Park

Watch Betfair Hollywood Park handicapping video and
See why expert handicappers and beginners love Pace Pals

Long time horse player Charles likes Pace Pals

Grab Your Friends and Come on Down to the Races!
We feel the most compelling feedback and observations to date come from actual Pace Pals users. They tell us over and over again that Pace Pals make racing a more social event that is more fun for everyone. Handicapping experts, bring your beginner handicapper friends and have fun together.

"Every week when I'm out at the track selling my tip sheets I usually have about a dozen fans ask if we have Pace Pals, because they have been using them out at Hollywood Park and they really like them."
Bob Hyder — Santa Anita tip sheet sales, 30+ years in the business

"Hey, Craig! I made it out to the track with some of my buddies. They used the Pace Pals and made some money. But greater than that they had FUN playing the horses and want to come back to the track."
Anthony Ware — USC Student

Who's Using Pace Pals | Learn Handicapping | About Us/Contact

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